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Cycling Program at Kintamani


Take Car with your feet will be invited to Mount Batur Exactly the first to Start Point to Bubung Klambu saked area you will see that result from the streetch of Rock of Mount Batur Eruption in the year 1917, amid you can travel to take photos paused, and wi;; Travel Continued back.

Distrating Point and will be continued to the Second trip Kedisan Village and Trunyan Village Travel and surely this will be very fun bike for the participans will be right in the leg and hill Abang edge of Lake Batur and surely this moment and surely will not be forgotten in the Tourism will travel this take a moment break in the Semara Landung because this place is in a very beautiful place as if like to be reluctant move.

Third point starting tourists will go on the trip to village in Trunyan village and where the tourists will see this chek and direct Contact with the community thats is one still remote village and its civilization Ancient ( BALI AGA) surely here to see the Tourist will be invited to Heritage Ancient History of bali ie Pancering Jagat Pura (key wirld) and after that we will all tourist getting consumsing bout to climb the cross to grave Taru and Where menyan these graves are tombs MOST IF DIFFERENT because there are not that diet because of liness or arising out of the other, Body is just on the ground and not lay ade a pit graves and covered only FABRIC and FOOD rack (basket Bali)

and why hi body can not smell ??? because Menyan Tree and what is Taru incense.

Around the tourist after surely we want to change all that fatigue and the feel the touch invinite Eyes water and warmth sulfur Mount Batur Eyes Water and where it’s not just for the bathroom alone but can return the air this disease in the stamina and healing and skin disease. And after all fatigue during your tour package we also provide lunch(buffet Lunch) in ine of the Kintamani where Restaurant landscape immediately be faced with Kintamani Panorama Mountains in the heart and surely must say I was there, Again when I can get there of Beautiful.

Publish rate : USD 75.00/person ( min 2 person)

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