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Trunyan Village Packages


Welcome to Bali ” familiar with, touch, enjoy. And feel what is Bali and certainly with this program we want to intrduce it one of the attractions in Kintamani Bali is on our program we would like to invite tourist to direct contact with the panorama of nature, society, and what is makes the difference from your tour in Bali.

Package tour the village and cemetery Trunyan Starting with driving your car will be escorted to the Trunyan Village where you can find out civilization of the native society Bali ( Bali Aga) in the village you will be invited to tour trunyan to look aroung and meet directly with the community Trunyan. and after that the Trunyan Cemetry we ill be invited to see the corpse is placed above ground and covered only food rack (basket Bali) and that makes it interesting why the corpse did not smell. There was a tree what it Taru Incense.. you can find the answer is you already visit the Trunyan Village.

Lots of hot water that you know and of course the hot water we mean where tghere Toya Nugget in Kintamani where you are tired after travelling in Trunyan we would like to invited you to relax for a moment while enjoy shelf panoramic lake, mountain, and let go of your tired and feel the warmth of chili bath Mount Batur Sulfur water.

It felt weired because of course there is the less after an exhausting tour of course we also want to serve dishes are prepared to change the eir premises all the fatigue that treats lunch (buffet lunch menu). the restairmat while enjoiying the beautiful panoramic mountain in Kintamani for all those packages, 2 to 6 people 4 hour long program and for the price already included in the package.

Publish rate : US$ 210./person

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